Why Choose Us?

four mag wheels in different colors

We Are Your One Stop Shop And are Locally Owned And Operated.

Wof’s, Services, Mechanical Repairs And Of Course Tyres And Mags And We Are Locally Owned!

Our mechanics are skilled in servicing your vehicle. We offer a range of car servicing options for both petrol and diesel vehicles, trailers and even your boat. From Oil Changes to Brakes and Suspension – we do it all.
Our fully fitted bays with hoists mean that working on your vehicle is not only easier and safer – it’s also quicker, saving you money.


Right Advice

Not sure of what tyre you should have, we can give you the right advice on tyre selection.


No Surprises On Pricing

Our tyre prices are that, the price you pay, everything is all inclusive fitted on your vehicle –
No Surprises.


Free Tyre Check

Drive on in, we’ll check your tyres and check and set the tyre pressure for you, all free of charge, that’s our right service.

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